diamond Eternity collection  

micro pave diamond on stainless steel by Brett Rubbico.  

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PRESS RELEASE-  diamond Eternity collection  

diamond Eternity collection by Brett Rubbico is micro pave diamond on stainless steel and gold contemporary jewelry. Rings, pendants, and bangles are available which smartly transition from casual industrial urban to formal elegance. Only the purist and highest graded diamond crystals with extremely close tolerance shape, color properties, clarity, and carat weight are accepted.  Premium cubo octahedral fancy canary diamonds are the set standard. Micro pave engineered to securely set as many tiny diamonds as closely together as possible on high quality, aerospace grade, hand polished, solid stainless steel. The result is a beautifully made creation of continuous refractive brilliance with 360 degree of dramatic visual sparkle. A custom designed solid wood display keepsake box lacquered to a high gloss piano finish accompanies each ring. Offered for men and women.  

diamond Eternity collection is dedicated to a sustainable awareness for the environment.  The raw uncut diamond crystals are in the pure natural organic state. In contrast, cutting and polishing diamond involves many hours of grinding and high energy consumption throughout the process. Time is saved, energy is conserved, pollution and waste are eliminated when diamond is not subject to the high demands of the cutting and polishing process. Furthermore, there is the elimination of additional diamonds needed to cut, grind, lap, and polish finished diamonds. This contributes toward environmental protection through reduction of natural resource consumption. The idea is to offer an attractive alternative to finished diamonds by introducing uncut diamond crystals in the rough, micro pave set on modern jewelry. Our jewelry and diamond resources are child labor-free and conflict-free. 

Orders/enquiries 949-500-1517 or info@brettrubbicogallery.com